Retail Businesses that Should Accept Credit Cards Online

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Retail Businesses that Should Accept Credit Cards Online

Article Written by : Merchant Account Central

Do you own a retail business? While you might already have a credit card machine in your store, it’s also important to accept credit cards online. Whether you have a website or you’re in the process of designing one, your customers will appreciate a convenient way to pay for your products and services on the web. Here are some of the retail companies that can benefit from ecommerce credit card processing.

Beauty Industry

You might find it surprising, but a beauty salon, day spa, or massage parlor can benefit from accepting payments on the web. While you can’t ship a hair cut across town, you can book an appointment for one on the web and have your clients pay in advance. The ability to process payments on the web for services such as haircuts, massages, and beauty treatments will significantly boost your sales. In fact, many technology-savvy beauty parlors have already set up this service on the web. Customers can visit the website to book appointments, purchase in advance, and even buy gift cards for friends and family.

Supply Stores

Whether you own a beauty supply store or an office supply store, chances are your customers are buying supply products in bulk. For this reason it’s important to provide your customers with a convenient way to pay for your products on the web and have them shipped straight to their home or place of business. You will need a photo-rich website with an online catalog of products as well as an easy-to-use shopping cart and payment processing software.

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