Credit Card Safety Policies for Your Store

Dec 22, 2016 by

Credit Card Safety Policies for Your Store

Credit card machines have evolved to provide better security for the payment information passed to and from your bank to a customer’s account. Behind-the-scenes, you don’t really need to do much other than setup the account properly and test it to make sure it works. Still, it’s important to have good security policies you can use for employees in house.

Limiting Exposure

Your credit card processor will handle of the sensitive data, but your employees should try and limit the amount of times where they have to deal with the full number for a card. Avoid keying things in, or require manager approval when typing a credit card number into the terminal, and never have employees write this information down. If they need to call a customer’s card provider, or leave the terminal for any reason, the customer and card should accompany them.

The less time you spend with sensitive data, and the fewer opportunities you have to record that data, the better for you and the liability your company faces.

Tracking Terminals

Every employee should have some kind of login ID they use to sign into your store’s credit card terminals. That login should tell management who used a terminal, so you can lookup transactions and identify who rung them up if something goes wrong.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve not already done so, upgrade your store’s payment system so you’re utilizing modern technology. Then, enable chip readers at the register so you can take the more secure form of payment instead of the outdated magstrip.


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